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This little scrap of crumpled paper I put in my pocket almost cost a client a lot of money! I spent some time with a good client at lunch one day. We spoke about how to simply gain more revenue from his current customer base while at the same time keeping those same customers happy. I wasn't really meeting him to speak about this but proceeded to break out my notebook and scribbled down the basic idea. I showed him a rough flow of a workable plan using my minimal talent as an artist. He looked at my simplified plan and he laughed at my artistic skills. He added that he thought the concept was a bit simple and said he would have to think it over because he felt he needed something with more attention getting appeal.

We went on with lunch and covered some other business interests and then parted ways agreeing to follow up before the end of the week.

Two days went by and my cell rang. It was the client I had met for lunch. He was laughing and said, "Hey, I gave it a try." I said, gave what a try? "That silly drawing you had on the table at lunch that day. I just asked a customer as I was ringing up their bill if they would be interested in an instant discount." The customer said sure thing. How much are we talking about? "I told him 10% and here is all I need you to do. I grabbed a notepad and asked him to write down his name, phone number and email address. That was it. After that, I told him we would let him know about our regular discounts or any new specials. As a part of this, I gave him a discount right away and let him know I would do the same each time he came back if he let us know that he used any of our future notifications about a special. He thanked me and said that he does that for a lot of special discounts online already and was glad that we started this too. I can't believe how easy this was so I spent yesterday doing it and sure enough many of my current customers were glad about this. I sure can see this getting to be popular and wanted to ask how I can manage this type of program?"

I let him know that is the whole idea behind that simple drawing I showed him at lunch that he thought was a bit too basic to be noticed. He chimed in this time to say that it was basic but no longer a funny little drawing and that this was serious business. I agreed and let him know what we needed to do next to get this program organized and managed properly.

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